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Best Italian Conversation Exercises for Foreign Students

Best Italian Conversation Exercises for Foreign Students

During Italian language classes at Scuola Clidante, there always comes a time when, in order to maximize all that has been learned, it is absolutely necessary to have conversations in Italian. This allows one not only to fix well in mind all the grammar rules learned in class, but also and above all to begin to familiarize oneself with the Italian language, so as to arrive in a short time to be able to sustain comprehensible and fluent conversations.

The best Italian conversation exercises for foreigners to do

Certainly, the teachers at Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, Italian Language School in Rome, know the best methodologies to stimulate students to speak Italian. Here are some exercises that are offered in class but can also be replicated outside of school, in everyday life.

Best Italian Conversation Exercises for Foreign Students

The first conversational exercise is to ask or be asked questions that can support the beginning of a dialogue. The purpose of this exercise is to try to go beyond a simple ‘dry’ answer, such as ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ For example, if I know that my friend saw a movie the night before, it is perfectly useless to ask him or her, “Did you see a movie last night?” To stimulate a conversation that is not one-way, the right question, in this case, would be “What was the plot of the movie you saw last night?” and then interact with our interlocutor as much as possible. One of the tips from the teachers of the Clidante Italian language School in Rome is to try as much as possible to converse with native Italian speakers, asking them to correct in case of mistakes.

Finally, the best Italian conversation exercise for foreigners there can be is not to be afraid to ‘jump in’: speak, speak, speak in Italian, without too much fear of making mistakes. If you never make mistakes, you cannot learn to speak in Italian!