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Scholarships available for

studying Italian in Rome

Obtain a scholarship to start learning Italian in Rome

Scholarships available for

studying Italian in Rome

Unlock the opportunity to enhance your Italian language skills by studying in Rome. At Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, you can apply for a full or partial scholarship to cover the cost of your Italian language course for several months.

Connect with an Italian cultural center in your home country to start the application process and take the first step toward realizing your language-learning goals.

Use your american credits to study Italian in Rome

Explore additional scholarship options

Expand your opportunities to study Italian in Rome by applying for a scholarship. Our language school for international students evaluates the possibility of awarding several scholarships directly to deserving students who present the following documents:

a copy of your CV, a list of qualifications, and a letter of reference from your current or previous Italian language teacher, including an assessment of your language proficiency. Don’t miss out on this chance to advance your Italian language skills and achieve your learning goals

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