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Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri – Learning Italian in Rome

Individual Italian language classes

improve your Italian quickly with individual Italian lessons in Rome

Learning Italian in Rome

Individual Italian language classes

With our individual Italian language lessons in Rome, you have the chance to tailor the course to fit your needs and obtain excellent results in a very short time.
These classes are ideal for those who want to quickly learn the language without distractions and with the guidance of a dedicated native Italian teacher. They also cater to the needs of managers, diplomats, professionals, artists, professors, and university researchers.

Are you looking to learn Italian quickly?

Our program, featuring highly-qualified native Italian teachers, a well-crafted curriculum, and a flexible schedule, is designed to help you succeed. You’ll enjoy the personalized experience of individual lessons and see rapid progress in your Italian language skills.

What are the features of individual Italian language courses?

D2 – Individual Lessons
Type2 lessons per day (60 minutes each/10 lessons per week) 
ScheduleMorning or afternoon time
Price450 € / Week
Additional Week 450 €
D3 – Individual Lessons
Type3 lessons per day (60 minutes each/15 lessons per week)
ScheduleMorning or afternoon time
Price675 € / Week
Additional Week 675 €
D4 – Individual Lessons
Type4 lessons per day (60 minutes each/ 20 lessons per week) 
ScheduleMorning or afternoon time
Price900 € / Week
Additional Week 900 €
D6 – Individual Lessons
Type6 lessons per day (60 minutes each/30 lessons per week) 
ScheduleMorning or afternoon time
Price1.350 € / Week
Additional Week 1.350 €
D8 – Individual Lessons
Type8 lessons per day (60 minutes each/40 lessons per week) 
ScheduleMorning or afternoon time
Price1.800 € / Week
Additional Week 1.800 €
S9 – Individual Lessons
Type10 lessons per day for 9 days (60 minutes each/90 lessons in 9 days) 
ScheduleMorning and afternoon time, from Saturday to Sunday of the following week, lunch with the instructor included
Price4.500 €

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