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Terms and Conditions

Registration fee & course fees
The student for registering has to fill out the application form and pay for an advanced payment for the school fees (25% of the listed price for the course). Course fees include the participation to the courses, certificates of enrolment and attendance, wi-fi, teaching material, tours and social activities which are organized in the afternoon or in the evening. Entrance to Museums, to any performances, extra drinks and accommodation are not included.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions
The advanced payment requested at the moment of the registration is not refundable.
There will be no refund for students who begin a course late or leave before the end of the course.
If a student has already balanced for the course before it starts and he/she wants to cancel the registration he/she has to communicate in written form (fax, mail or email). It’s his/her attention to check if the school receives it.
In this case the school will refund the 75% of the balance minus bank charges.
Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person.
The direction can evaluate case by case the possibility of total refunding. In the event or circumstance beyond our control that would force us to cancel the course, the whole value of payment will be reimbursed.

With fewer than 4 participants enrolled in the same group course, the school reserves the right to offer the same type of course, but with a reduction of 25% of the scheduled lessons if there are 3 participants; 50% for 2 participants; 75% for 1 participant (individual lessons).

Public Holidays
Italian holidays are observed: January 1 & 6; Monday after Easter; April 25; May 1; June 2 & 29; August 15; November 1; December 8, 25 & 26. No lessons will take place on these holidays. No refund will be made for it.
The school is not liable for the loss of personal property on the premises.

The school’s insurance covers all the activities at school and also the guided tours outside the school. Students are advised to take out medical and personal insurance before leaving for Italy. We also suggest students to insure themselves against loss of fees and risks coming from a stay abroad.

Definition of one lesson
Each group lesson or study hour consist of 45 minutes of study time.

Special offers
Course discounts are valid from the date of advertisement. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.