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Italian lessons for foreigners Level A1

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Italian language courses for foreigners Level A1: Your path to Italian

Those who wish to learn to speak Italian usually want to do so quickly. But in order to learn to understand Italian and speak it, one must necessarily go through some basic steps.

The Clidante School in Rome, has developed a series of Italian language courses for foreigners that start from a basic level of Italian proficiency. This is the basic level A1 course, which offers foreign students all the fundamentals to be able to start expressing themselves and understanding the Italian language right away.

But what does the A1 level Italian course in Rome with Scuola Clidante consist of?

Italian lessons for foreigners Level A1, focus on providing not only the basics of Italian grammar, but also some commonly used Italian words and phrases. The aim is to help students feel confident in communication right away, as they are able to calmly engage in simple conversations.

In Italian for Foreigners Level A1 classes, Clidante’s teachers convey the basics of the language so that the student is able to succeed in formulating questions and knowing how to answer them in Italian when questioned about his or her own life (e.g., answering questions such as ‘what country are you from?’, ‘what do you do for a living?’, ‘do you like Rome?’, ‘do you have a pet?’, and answering confidently, being able to argue, talk about people you know, etc.).

Method for Italian courses a1 level

It almost seems like a miracle, but instead it is all the result of the great educational proposal of the Clidante School in Rome, always at the forefront of the methodologies that are transmitted by experienced and trained teachers, able to listen to the real needs of each individual student and providing them with all the tools to be able to learn to speak and write in Italian quickly and effectively and satisfactorily.

Why choose to take Italian for Foreigners Level A1 classes from Clidante courses

For those who have a passion for the Italian language and need to learn quickly, Clidante School’s Italian language courses in Rome level A1 offer students the ability to write short texts in Italian, or to understand and be able to fill out forms involving the transmission of personal data, for example.

Those who choose to attend one of the Italian language courses at Scuola Clidante know that they can count on a true immersive experience that aims at a real learning of Italian and Italian culture. In fact, the school also offers the opportunity to participate in guided tours with an art history teacher to the most interesting artistic places in the city, outings to the cinema, theater, concerts, Italian cooking, photography and singing courses (always taught in Italian) and much more.