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Accommodation in Rome

Accomodations in Rome while studying italian at Clidante

Are you looking for accommodation in Rome while learning Italian? Having an accommodation in Rome can help you to discover the culture and the traditions of the Italian people. Moreover, it can be the perfect opportunity to live abroad and acquire new skills. At Clidante, Italian language school in Rome, we will help you to find the best accommodation and to learn Italian or improve your language skills while enjoying Rome Life Style.

Studying Italian in Rome.

Rome is one of the best places to learn Italian. At Clidante we offer a wide variety of courses for you to choose from. For example, you can choose individual classes, but you can also choose a group course. If you want to try something different than traditional classes, you can find cultural classes, opera programs and even cooking classes: many students love these courses since it is possible to learn Italian while having fun.

Accommodation in Rome: how it works?

We help you find the best home to stay so that you can engage yourself to learn Italian with no concerns. The school offers students accommodations that are near the school itself. All the houses have been checked before offering them. _Housing Officer_s of the school work everyday to ensure the best for the students who desire to learn Italian in Rome and to find accommodation in the capital of Italy. Italian families who want to host students need to be approved by the Housing Officers. After that, students can choose to stay in one of the available houses and can start their full immersion in Italian culture.

The use of the kitchen facilities is included in the cost of the accommodation and the guests can also receive phone calls. Maybe you would like to have some information about cleaning and bedding: the bedding is provided by the host, who has also to change it, according to what has been established with the school. The price of accommodation varies according to the type of accommodation you choose. It goes from a minimum of  400 € per month in a double room to a maximum of   2.000€ per month in an independent flat.

Other accommodation solutions

If you would like to find accommodation on your own, Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri recommends checking out the options available on

Send your request to Spotahome by clicking here.

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