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25 tips for learning Italian: A complete guide for foreign students

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Are you determined to master Italian grammar and speak Italian fluently? Then you are on the right page.
We offer 25 useful tips to improve your Italian, the result of many years of experience in teaching Italian to foreign students.

The Basics of Mastering Italian

  • 1 – You are your own teacher: don’t get us wrong, we at Scuola Clidante can teach you Italian optimally and quickly, but you are the one who will have to put in all your good will. There is no magic wand, only a great desire to put yourself out there. The results will come in no time!
  • 2 – Overcome the intermediate level: there comes a time when, having reached this stage of study, you will feel that you cannot go on. That’s normal, but you don’t beat yourself up: our School of Italian is here to help you achieve your goals, so get through this stage of the learning journey as well.
  • 3 – Speak in Italian as much as you can: learning and improving the Italian language requires more than just knowing grammar; it also requires speaking, speaking, speaking. Don’t miss opportunities to make conversation in Italian, you will need more than you imagine.
  • 4 – Try to be consistent: devote some time each day to practicing Italian. It has to become your habit.
  • 5 – Always look for new stimuli: make new Italian friends with whom to have conversations in the language, for example.
  • 6 – Listen to Italian Music
  • 7 – Try following Italian language TV programs: this will help you acquire a good ‘ear’.
  • 8 – Create the right goals: set yourself achievable and concrete steps, so step by step you will learn to speak Italian without stress or frustration.
  • 9 – If you are fortunate enough to study Italian in Rome, or for that matter in Italy, try to speak Italian at every opportunity while visiting and discovering the city.

Techniques for Improving Italian Grammar

  • 10 – Italian grammar is complicated, it is true. But never forget that the main goal is to be understood, not to be perfect….
  • 11 – You will definitely make many mistakes, but the important thing is not to be disappointed and always learn from your mistakes.
  • 12 – You will probably often confuse the imperfect verb with the past tense: the rule above, “by making mistakes you learn,” applies.
  • 13 – The gerund is also difficult to learn because it is often confused with the present tense. With practice you will learn how to use both correctly.
  • 14 – Same with the past tense: you will tend not to use it in conversations, at least at first.

Overcoming fears and mistakes

  • 15 – The feeling of having no personality, when you speak in Italian (or a foreign language), will assail you at first. But as you study the Italian language you will see that your personality will re-emerge and having conversations in Italian you will enjoy more and more!
  • 16 – When you express yourself in Italian you may get it wrong many times, you just be patient and repeat what you meant: sometimes people who ask you an extra question is because they really care to understand you.
  • 17 – At first you will find it difficult to understand when to use ‘you’ and when to use ‘she’: with the right practice you will figure it out quickly.
  • 18 – Never lose motivation: if this happens, always try to find a way to get back on track.
  • 19 – Don’t be impatient to achieve the goal of immediately speaking correct Italian: everything takes its time!

Strategies for improving your confidence with language

  • 20 – Read in Italian: this will make it easier for you then to speak it.
  • 21 – Try not to use online translation programs: learn to use the dictionary first.
  • 22 – Learn as many idiomatic phrases in Italian as you can.
  • 23 – Same for Italian proverbs.
  • 24 – If at first you feel uncomfortable speaking in Italian, don’t worry: ignore the negative thoughts and move on!
  • 25 – Always remember that the important thing is to speak Italian well enough to be able to do the things that matter: make friends, order great food, visit Italy not as just a tourist, but with fresh eyes.

Conclusion: Your Path to Mastery of Italian

Remember, learning Italian is an exciting journey. With these tips to improve Italian, a good dose of commitment and the expert guidance of the Clidante School of Rome, you will soon be able to speaking Italian with confidence and mastering the Italian grammar.

Are you ready to take your Italian to the next level? Contact us today to find out about our customized courses and begin your Italian language journey!